Pain in the hip and lateral thigh can affect all age groups.  Younger individuals tend to experience muscle and tendon pain from excessive physical activity.  At times this can be complicated by bursitis, however the hip joint itself is often in reasonable condition.  For aging individuals, for those who have experienced major traumas, or for those who have been influenced by other diseases, we commonly see a variety of joint problems involving the bones and articular surfaces.  Whilst muscle and tendon pain is prevalent in these groups too, there is a higher likelihood of an underlying condition which may require investigation and treatment.

Scenarios we commonly treat at our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic include muscle pain, tendon pain bursitis and osteoarthritis.  The hip joint is a large ball and socket type joint that connects the leg to the trunk and is controlled by a variety of muscles (gluteals, lateral rotators, hip flexors, adductors).  All these muscle groups and their tendons can be implicated in various pain syndromes.  The gluteals and lateral rotators are frequently associated with pain in the hip, buttock and side of the leg.  It is these muscle groups, their tendons and in and around the joint itself that represent the most common sites of treatment. 

The Hip joint and some of the related muscles lay deep and can be difficult to access without proper positioning.  Additionally, acupuncture needles are suited to reaching deep areas, especially around joints.  When we utilise acupuncture for hip pain we often combine it with moxa on the needle.  This adds a heat stimulus and assists the needle in softening indurations, improving range of motion and relieving pain.    

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