A very routine ailment that we treat at our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic.  This condition is extremely common throughout our society and causes immense suffering for many who experience it.  There are a variety of conditions associated with lower back pain and many circumstances that differ from patient to patient.  A situation I find regularly in chronic lower back pain is dysfunction of the Sacroiliac joints and soft tissues of the hip.  It is also worth mentioning that in some cases lower back pain can be a symptom of an internal disease, and therefore it can be astute to get a medical check-up before proceeding with physical medicine treatment.

Sacroiliac joint pain is commonly associated with chronic lower back pain.  Pain relating to the Sacroiliac joints can appear in various places around the lower back, sacrum, buttocks, hips and upper legs.  Furthermore, it frequently occurs with a variety of soft tissue problems in the buttocks and lower back, which also causes muscle pain in these areas.  Some peculiarities of this pain include difficulty sitting for long periods and difficulty forward bending, otherwise many of the symptoms look similar to other types of lower back pain.  At my Gold Coast acupuncture clinic we have helped improve or resolve many cases of long-term pain by treating these structures when indicated.

It is also important to remember that chronic pain is not just related to the body tissues and has more complicated mechanisms.  For instance, it has become clear in recent decades that the nervous system and the brain also become pathological when pain persists long-term.  Therefore, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, past experiences and fatigue levels, all factor into your pain experience (for more information refer to our article; Pain – A Modern Perspective).  Other important considerations include physical conditioning, the influence of other diseases and dependence on pain medications.  Traditional East Asian Medicine has always sought to understand the context of a patient’s symptoms and is therefore well placed to examine broader complications of pain.  

In regards to treating Sacroiliac joint pain, acupuncture using moxa on the handle needling has consistently proven effective.  However, due to the chronic nature of the symptoms, treatment is combined with exercise once pain has improved.  Increasing physical conditioning and confidence is key for getting the best results possible.  At our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic patients often come for a few months of treatment for chronic lower back pain, however we have had numerous examples of much faster resolution. In situations where pain has improved but has not resolved, some patients like to make regular appointments to assist with their pain management.     


This article’s purpose is to provide general information for prospective patients searching for acupuncture Gold Coast. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment Contact us today.