Traditional acupuncture is a term Adam uses to convey his dedication to the principles and practices of Traditional East Asian Medicine.

A significant feature of this medicine is its holistic understanding of the human body. Such ideology is beneficial for appreciating a person’s individual needs, and devising a flexible treatment strategy to suit young, old, healthy and sick alike.

In the delivery of therapy Adam is a devotee to hands-on care.  This means all patients can expect to receive thorough remedial treatment to any site/ element of concern. Whilst stretches, exercises and lifestyle advice can be effective interventions in some circumstances, it is Adam’s belief that comprehensive hands-on care is the hallmark of quality physical medicine.

Fine needles, are without doubt, first class tools for delivering flexible, hands-on treatment. They are particularly suited for gently reaching and releasing muscular pressure, increasing circulation and stimulating healing. This enables restoration of the body’s natural shape, feel and movement, leading to amelioration of symptoms and improved quality of life.

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