Traditional acupuncture has a long history in the management of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. For those wanting to return to physical activity quickly, whether its sport or a job, timely injury management will help avoid obstacles to participation and optimal performance. Traditional acupuncture has a powerful potential to quickly alleviate trauma and has a variety of methods for treating sprains, strains and spasms.

For those suffering from chronic pain or those in need of rehabilitation traditional acupuncture can provide effective therapeutic treatment and pain management. In many cases it can help reduce reliance on pain medications and avoid more drastic interventions such a surgery. Adam uses the holistic philosophies of Traditional East Asian Medicine and comprehensive hands-on care to improve the structure and functioning of the body. Adam has obtained positive outcomes for many of his patients, but he also recognizes that some cases are complex and severe, and is all too happy to work collaboratively with other health professionals to aid in management and recovery.

List of commonly treated musculoskeletal conditions:

injury management acupuncture

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